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The design response would need to be in line with both Bubble Magik and Selfridges’ target audiences, blending both a youthful, adventurous bubble tea-drinking audience with Selfridges’ more premium audience. This combined audience required a new approach to the design response.

The final design would need to be inviting to both audiences and fit neatly into Selfridges’ concession format.


In response, CADA produced a new, exciting interpretation of the Bubble Magik brand, one that combines Bubble Magik’s core aesthetic with something appealing to Selfridges’ more premium target audience.

CADA responded to the brief by abstracting the central ingredient of bubble tea, tapioca, and introducing it into the design in the form of Solus’s small penny tiles, which were used as counter cladding. A bright corian counter top was also used. A final note is the use of brass finishing and illuminated graphics, which provide pops of elevated materiality.

Overall, the space is light, bright and well-polished—perfect for Selfridges’ market. We’re looking forward to seeing how many new customers discover the fun of bubble tea at this new in-store concession. Thanks to the team at Selfridges and congratulations to Bubble Magik on their new adventure.

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bubble magik at Selfridges design sketch

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