It’s that time of year again: LDF 2018. Our capital’s streets are filled with crisp white shirts, considered crew necks, and expensive vintage French workwear. An IRL walking, talking marketing campaign for Cos. Everyone is beautiful. Of course, it’s London Design Week .

This year, the festival will be made up of 400 events over 11 “Design Districts”, four Design Routes and five Design Trade Shows all across the city. Events of such scale, especially ones drenched in perfectly executed creativity, can be overwhelming.

Here is our top three:

Granby Workshop Encaustic Tiles, Clerkenwell

Design is so inherently woven into the fabric of Clerkenwell, it’s a little bit criminal not to invest some time at this particular district.

As loyal admirers of Liverpools Granby Workshop’s ceramic creations, we are incredibly excited to see what they’re presenting this year. Collaborating with Pentagon Tiles and ARDAX, the group have employed a technique popular with the Victorians known for creating durable vibrancy, this one is a must for us.

Granby Workshop x Pentagon Tiles | Encaustic Tiles

Trip to the Hyper Craft at Silvera, Brompton

Introducing some interactive vibrancy into the festivals Brompton site is London design concept store Silvera, who will host a space themed rave to present a collection of rugs from Bethan Laura Wood for cc-tapis. The collection is inspired by the often beautiful oil and water esque relationship between nature and the man made.

Using ancient techniques to explore modern matters of a post-Instagram and Snapchat world, this is an event we’re sure will leave visitors a fair amount to unpack and discuss.

cc-tapis showroom during Milan Design Week 2018

Jaqueline Ayer: Drawing of Thailand at House of Illustration, Kings Cross

1960s illustrator Jaqueline Ayer is one of those artists with a personal history as interesting and rich as the work she created. Do even the lightest bit of research and you’ll be in awe.

Born in the US to Jamaican parents and later relocating to Thailand as an adult, Jaqueline had the rare ability of transferring different cultures onto paper, prints and fabrics with total authenticity. This is the first exhibit of her work in the world (!) and if we could only see one thing, this would be it.

Jacqueline Ayer

And for fuel…

Our Bermondsey neighbours Bompas & Parr’s Ice Cream Design Competition invited designers of an array of disciplines to resurrect the ice cream mould on the basis it must be suitable for snacking and display.

The competition is judged by an esteemed collection of industry heavy weights including Gonzalo Herrero Delicado from RA and Gwen Webber of the British Council. Winning creations will be available to purchase at the festival on Thursday 20th from SCOOP. The winning designer will be awarded an ice cream mould of their very own face.

Members of our studio will be out and about at this year’s festival so if you see us, do come over and say hello!

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