We often wonder how trends originate. How do you turn something from nothing and turn the mundane in nature to insane through nurture?

It’s safe to say that food trends are heavily influenced by the media, with food dominating Instagram feeds and chefs leading sales on Amazon. We take a look at some of the latest food trends taking the nation by storm.

Get a taste of Italia

Recently we have seen a surge of Italian restaurants pop up around the city. Just some of these examples include Padella; opened in March, Turin inspired Savure, opened in July and Italian food market Mercato Metropolitano which opened earlier this month. All establishments are dedicated to creating an authentic Italian experience, using local ingredients, traditional recipes and having a point of difference.


Mercato Metropolitano



Fusion Foods

Pan-Asian and Indo-Chinese are your typical ‘slashie’ cuisines when it comes to fusion food but we’re seeing a new trend forming. Think Kenyan scotch eggs or Bao buns with a side of pâtisserie? London chefs are getting innovative with new combinations that reflect the capital’s global community. The Sticky Bundits take influences from Japanese x Vietnamese x American and Caribbean to create their sushi burger’s, where as On Café serves French pastries alongside dim sum.

Fusion food has never tasted so good.


Sticky Bundits


On Café

Sweet Tooth’s rejoice

The “cronut”— the donut-croissant hybrid that had New Yorkers lining up for hours around Dominique Ansel’s Soho bakery has remained popular for over 3 years. Loyalists turned a blind eye when the Health Department forced the bakery to shut down and deal with its mouse problem in April 2014 and now we Londoner’s are eagerly awaiting the opening of his first London store. You could say that the cronut has graduated from “fad” to “trend” but what will the next cronut be?

Blu Top have impressed us over the last 12 months, creating mind-blowing cookie & ice cream combinations ever since. Instagram is flooded with photos of their ice cream sandwiches, becoming a national phenomenon and a reason to travel to some of London’s most popular food markets. Also impressing are You Donut!, Shackfuyu and Snowflake Gelato.


Blu Top ice cream


Selfridges Snowflake Gelato Afternoon Tea

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