We asked some of our designers to share their most inspiring design books with us. Here is what they recommend you add to your reading list:




Supergraphics – Transforming Space: Graphic Design for Walls, Buildings and Spaces, Tony Brook

Supergraphics – Transforming Space: Graphic Design for Walls, Buildings and Spaces explores the numerous ways in which graphics are invading public spaces and disrupting the sometimes-staid world of public architecture and design.

The book concludes with a glimpse into the future by analysing the work of a new generation of digital artists and tech-savvy architects who are de-materialising buildings with the aid of computer technology, and in doing so, keeping alive the original utopian intentions of the pioneers of Supergraphics.

Supergraphics shares some really interesting examples of environmental design ranging from small to large scale graphics which have inspired us in our own practice.



Retail Design International, Jons Messedat

Current challenges in retail design, such as increasing digitisation, and the merging of online and offline platforms, have led to altogether new forms of retail and of their spatial expression. Retail Design International provides a current overview of innovations in multi-channel commerce, from pioneering in-store technology to new products, materials and lighting solutions at the point of sale.

More than 50 current examples of best practice, from temporary pop-up stores and avant-garde brand worlds, to hybrid retail centres, present an inspiring international cross section which will broaden your knowledge of the customer and designs effect on retail spends.


Start Me Up!, Robert Klanten

Start Me Up! showcases innovative brand identities created for start-ups and small businesses. Companies range from an organic supermarket in Rotterdam to a Parisian grooming parlour and a German roofing business, with sleek logos, inventive packaging and colourful illustrated interiors.

Unlike many design books, Start Me Up! beautifully merges graphic and interior design. Start Me Up! understands the importance of branding in interior spaces and how they are only successful when both elements work in synergy.


Detail in Contemporary Retail Design, Drew Plunkett

We can all agree that it is not just the quality of the food that matters in a restaurant, but the quality of the interior too. The role that a restaurant or bar plays, is as much social as it is functional, with respect to an interior whetting the appetites of would-be customers.

It’s design and spatial qualities can not only enhance the experience but encourage a return visit. The importance of creating the right environment can do as much to prolong the life of a business as the products it has to offer. ‘Detail In Contemporary Retail Design’ book catalogues the differing means and mechanics of eating and drinking, and how the cultural and colloquial eccentricities influence the design and use of space in different regions of the world. From London to Tokyo and many places in-between, Detail In Contemporary Retail Design takes you on an explorative journey.


Information is beautiful, David McCandless

The more information, the more relevant it becomes to present it in human-digestible form, whence springs the flood of infographics in your news feed. There are good examples and bad examples of data visualisation, and McCandless’ graphics are among the cleanest, neatest and well-designed ones that we’ve come across. McCandless describes himself as a “data journalist” and “information designer” and with that fills in a niche in the economic ecosystem that isn’t presently populated by many.

McCandless proves that data can be interesting, patterns can be seen and conclusions can be made in an effective and unthreatening way. ‘Information is beautiful’ has regularly inspired us to create infographics in an innovative, playful way.

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