Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve noticed 5 trends in the restaurant industry thats drawing in the crowds.

Food trends - Australian twist

Australian twists

Australia hasn’t always been known for its innovative food scene, but over the last couple of years there has been a growing number of Aussie restaurants popping up around the capital. Last month Dickie Fitz opened in Fitzrovia, serving up fresh, delicious food inspired by the Pacific.

On the menu expect to find:

  • Lobster short soup
  • Rib-eye on the bone, bone-marrow and lemon
  • Steamed barramundi, dashi, cabbage and dikon
  • Banana bread, sticky toffee, coconut and ginger
  • Mrs Robinson’s lamingtons (homemade to his mum’s own recipe)

The food is packed full of flavour, fresh and hearty. What more could you want?

Food trends - Conceptual interior design

Conceptual interior design

Damien Hirst’s has caused a stir throughout the design industry, opening the quirky Pharmacy2. The interior follows a clinical theme inspired by Hirst’s 1992 artwork Pharmacy and plays tribute to Pharmacy which closed in 2003.

Images of tablets and brightly coloured pills have been embroidered onto leather banquettes and embedded into the marble floor. Whilst the bar stools are topped with pastel-coloured pill-shaped seats. Walls are covered with a silver-coloured wall chart of pills and pharmaceutical products first produced for the original Pharmacy restaurant.

Its a little bit wild, yes – but it certainly is a showstopping destination. We’re yet to visit and taste the food, but Hirst has collaborated with good friend, Mark Hix so we’re sure its delightful.

“Pharmacy 2 combines two of my greatest passions; art and food,” said Hirst.

Food trends - Matcha|

Matcha tea

Whether its a simple cup of tea, cakes or even ice cream, matcha tea is everywhere. Shackfuyu’s ‘Mr Whippy’ style matcha ice-cream with kinako french toast has to be the most instagrammed dish of its time.

A hunk of buttery, syrupy, sticky-middled, crispy-edged, hot-from-the-pan sweet stodge, served with green tea-flavoured Mr Whippy ice cream.

It’s pudding perfection.

Food trends - Sustainable food


Tiny Leaf is London’s first ever vegetarian, zero-waste, organic food restaurant and can be found in London’s Notting Hill. The team’s ultimate aim is to open a permanent site that will raise awareness of the food waste problem, inspire people to reduce the carbon footprint of their food by eating vegetarian and seasonally, and create a zero waste and zero impact restaurant.

These lovely do-gooders are serving up typical dishes such as buckwheat pancake with blueberry compote, coconut yoghurt & bee pollen; courgetti with hemp pesto, toasted almond, and rye wafer with butter bean ragu, tomatoes and homemade paneer; along with desserts such as rhubarb, ginger and carrot crumble; and orange, polenta and chia seed syrup cake.

Do good, eat good.

Food trends - Cocktail Innovation

Cocktail innovation

Since launching in October 2014 Dandelyan at Mondrian London has been the subject of much critical acclaim; last year winning ‘Best New International Cocktail Bar’ at Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards 2015. They’ve recently launched their latest cocktail list which will look closely at the relationship between botany, civilisations and history. The menu includes interesting ingredients like pandan, plant haemoglobin and zedoary root – which was historically used as an antidote to cobra venom.


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