Last week Which? released the best and worst supermarkets of 2016. We take a closer look at the top contenders..




Last week Waitrose claimed the top spot in ‘Which?’ in-store supermarket survey for the second year in a row, whilst Aldi came in as a close second.

Waitrose customers says shopping in store is ‘a pleasure’, with its tidy, organised aisles and helpful staff, with Waitrose becoming the only supermarket rated excellent in the categories relating to customer service and store environment.

‘It has well lit, pleasantly decorated and well laid out stores,’ said one customer. Shop assistants are ‘well trained and knowledgeable’, and ‘they nearly always go that extra mile’. It all adds up to ‘a relaxed atmosphere that makes shopping more pleasant,’ or for some, even ‘a joy’.

It is interesting to see Aldi is running alongside two premium supermarket brands, providing quality own-label products, great value and fresh produce. Aldi recently announced they will be opening 80 additional stores in 2016, a rapid expansion that will take them past the 700-store mark. Aldi have also launched their new online wine shop which allows customers to purchase wines by the case, making their wines accessible to whose who may not live near an Aldi store.

We’ve got a feeling it’ll be a successful year for both supermarkets, and we are excited to see how they fare in next years survey.


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