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Over recent years, Britain has been making a conscious effort to ditch the processed foods and enjoy fresh, organic produce. Tons of restaurants have popped up throughout the country and it is becoming considerably trendy to eat ‘clean’. With this in mind, I was baffled to read about the latest food craze, lab-grown meat.

Bistro in Vitro was launched last week by Dutch artist and philosopher Koert Mensvoort and features a menu of conceptual dishes that could be made possible by lab-grown meat. Mensvoort has created ‘meat’ from animal cells in a controlled environment using tissue-engineering technologies.

My initial reaction was revulsion. As you can see from the images, some of the products look less than appealing, so what are the benefits of this artificial product? Scientists have been working on developing processes for manufacturing meat as an answer to feeding a rapidly growing population and unsustainable farming techniques. Koert also mentions our relationship with animals and claims that society will be able to eat meats without any moral qualms.

“My personal favourite is called A Pig From The Backyard and the idea is that you have a little pig in the backyard or on the farm, and you take some cells from it and you grow a local sausage from it,” said Mensvoort. “You can feed the sausage to your child and then the next day you can go out and the pig is still there, alive and well, and you can cuddle it.” (Quote taken from Dezeen)

Koert hopes to create a meat-like product that would offer an entirely new combination of flavour and texture but with an affordable price tag, starting a food revolution that will improve our lifestyles, both socially and environmentally.

Personally I am still sceptical, but who knows what the future holds for food and society.


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