This week Foodable revealed that by 2018 millennials will hold a greater spending power than any generation that came before us. It’s impossible to ignore the power of the millennial customer; they eat out more often, also spend more money when doing so, than other generations (spending an average of £119 a month on nice meals, even when money is tight).

Since we are constantly connected, we have hundreds of options at our fingertips at any one time. This means any brand – including restaurants and bars – will have to work harder to win the Millennial’s over.

So, what do Millennial’s care about the most when it comes to dining out? We’ve listed five of the main points to creating a great experience for the food-obsessed “Generation Yum”.

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1. Convenience

For Millennial convenience is key, with ready-to-go options favourable as we make a spur-of-the-moment decision in regard to what we eat. The ability to order in advance, split the bill and getting food delivered via your smartphone are becoming increasingly popular for a convenient dining experience.

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2. Experience

Millennials may favour casual dining, but their dining experience is vital. Fast and friendly service, interesting interiors and overall design all play a huge role in how we interact with restaurants.

Gone are the weekends spent in grimy clubs, Millennials are now favouring supper clubs, late night street food markets and communal dining experiences.

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3. Food and Drink

Nose-to-tail, root-to-stem, sustainable and organic are all common buzzwords found on menu’s around the UK. Millennials are constantly on the lookout for innovative or exotic dishes on the menu. To stay relevant, restaurateurs need to keep their finger on the pulse and change the menu occasionally.

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4. Technology

Growing up surrounded by technology from an early age, more than 50% of Millennial’s believe that they are the first to try new technology.

Technology that is part of the dining experience must serve an important purpose, such as tablets for ordering, charging stations at the table and of course, free WIFI. Brands are introducing apps that offer loyalty programmes and location-based promotional marketing to attract the ever-shifting millennial crowd.

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