Clerkenwell Design Week is here once more. While every design agency is currently working out which events to recommend, we thought we would do things a little bit differently. Clerkenwell is well known as a London food destination, so our studio has come together to recommend some of our favourite place.


Poon’s is authentic, healthy, Chinese food cooked to a really high standard. With a history going back to 1973, Daughter of the Poon’s family restaurant empire, Amy Poon, swore she’d never go into the family business, but Amy has opened a Poon’s pop-up in Clerkenwell that retains the original Poon’s charm, while bringing the menu and design up to scratch for modern-day London diners.

Selling points:

  • A menu that has moved with the times: think “Premium First Extract Gluten-Free Soya Sauce made from non-GMO beans”
  • Take your friends to dine out at one of London’s foremost Chinese culinary institutions

poon's pop-up


For a lunch that feels like you’ve stepped into a busy restaurant on your favourite Italian piazza, head straight to Santoré. Don’t worry about anything else, just order the margherita pizza and a glass of wine—you can thank us later. There are few cuisines more convivial than Italian, and Santoré does it well.

Selling points:

  • Affordable, cosy and delicious (2-course set lunch for £12.50 per person!)
  • Authentic Italian interior makes you believe you’re on the Mediterranean
  • Pizza by the metre. Yes—the metre


Sushi Tetsu

Run by husband and wife, Harumi and Toru Takahashi, Sushi Tetsu specialises in Sushi and Sashimi. Combining the finest sourced ingredients and the relaxed atmosphere of a backstreet Japanese Sushi bar, Sushi Tetsu offers that rare experience in London: A Sushi master preparing the highest quality sushi right in front of you. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Selling points:

  • Intimate spot for entertaining clients
  • Theatre and spectacle of a Sushi master at work
  • Refined yet low key vibe

Sushi Tetsu


This neighbourhood restaurant also has branches in Soho and Balham, but the Clerkenwell branch steals the show for us. Offering sustainably sourced ingredients prepared to a high standard with rustic presentation, Foxlow is a great way to while away a few hours. They do a great breakfast, too, if you’re looking for something before an early talk.

Selling points:

  • Meat: great steaks and London’s best fried chicken
  • Relaxed, comfortable and an informal place to bring people together
  • Decent vegan options, for somewhere so good at cooking meat and fish


St. John

There are few restaurants with as strong of a concept as St. John. The invention of the restaurant by Fergus Henderson really put nose to tail eating on London’s culinary map, so you owe it to yourself to head to St. John and tuck into their bone marrow and glass of something delicious.

Selling point:

  • For serious meat lovers who aren’t afraid to try something new
  • Fantastic for showing international friends, colleagues or clients what British food really means

St John

Those are our top recommendations for eating out during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. The cherry on top of all of this is that for those with a Clerkenwell Design Week pass, 25 food and drink partners in the surrounding area have offered a selection of discounts and deals. You just need to show your pink lanyard. See the full list here.

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