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Sarah Tynan & Tamsin Snow

With only 2 days to go until the winner of this years DAZED x Converse Emerging Aristist Award winner is announced, we wanted to look at who may be walking away with this years £5,000 prize money.

Armed with a £1,000 production grant, the artists have been planning for an epic exhibition at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts. Each artist has ambitious and original ideas, challenging the boundaries of contemporary art practice.

Susanna Davies-Crook promises that “with incidental thematic’s coming together, the show as a whole will be on that perfectly keen knife-edge between brilliant and bonkers.”

Lets take a closer look at our favourite finalists.


Collaborative duo Snow and Tynan build cold, brutal industrial spaces. These striking architectural spaces are unsettling, challenging both political and ideological underpinnings of social spaces. There is a subtle nod to brutalist and utopian architecture; we cannot wait to see the finished product.


Known for creating breath-taking installations, Trayte is vibrant and a little bit nauseating in his approach to creating ‘art’. So what can we expect to see at the RA show? Jonathon states; “I want to create a multi-layered experience like a spectacular junkshop, a never-ending candy store or a Middle Eastern bazaar. It will be a place for visitors to lose themselves in.


Pimm approaches the making of art in an eco-friendly fashion. She probes the fragile boundary between nature and tech by exploring the way plants react to technology. With her unique concept, she will make an interesting contestant for this years show.


Image courtesy of Daze Digital

Rachel Pimm


Image courtesy of Daze Digital

Jonathon Trayte


Image courtesy of Daze Digital

Sarah Tynan & Tamsin Snow

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