Although we all need food to survive, food is far more than just fuel for physical health. We all have an emotional connection with food and there are many ways this is shown in our everyday lives. We might use food as a way of connecting with other people, changing the way we look or live via dieting or simply for pleasure.

The wellness industry has taken the world by storm, we have seen a shift in brands adapting products to suit this new era.

Here are 3 innovative products that are changing the way consumers live, drink and eat.

Innovative products 2016; Seedlip Gin


Seedlip has been billed by its founder Ben Branson as the world’s first distilled non-alcohol spirit. After just weeks of it arriving in London, Selfridges bought the rights to sell it exclusively for two months, and online stocks sold out within three weeks.

The spirit is clear like gin, made like gin and could easily pass as gin, the perfect drink for nights when you don’t feel like drinking. The good news is that it’s sugar and sweetener free, with only 0.2 calories per 50ml. Victoria Stewart in The Evening Standard described it like, “So this is not a spirit as you know it — It’s made with different botanicals such as lemon peel, cardamom and cascarilla tree bark are distilled individually then blended together — and you can drink it like gin, with tonic or in a martini and other cocktails.”

Lets hope more distilleries follow Seedlips lead and make for healthier nights out.

Innovative products 2016; Just mayo 01

Just Mayo

Vegan/Vegetarian alternatives are becoming increasinly popular in supermarkets, but there’s one innovative product in particular that’s caught our eye. JustMayo is an eggless mayonnaise which has low cholesterol, fats and still keeps that creamy mayonnaise taste.

Hamptons Creek are helping to reduce the number of chickens in captivity who are used to create mayonnaise whilst lowering the risk of heart rate. If that isn’t worth the change, we don’t know what is.

Innovative products 2016; Eat Grub Bars 01

Eat Grub

Grub is a company on a mission. They’re selling edible insects to encourage the UK market to source their protein from new and unexpected sources. When attending this years FAB Awards Forum, Pearlfisher predicted that the farming industry will leave todays farming operations behind and meat supplies will be increasingly expensive and hard to get your hands on.

Could eating insects really be the future?

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