Last night myself, Oli and Lisa went to Glug held at Fabric in Farringdon.

Glug is a curated set of creative talks spanning a wide range of disciplines within the industry. They are always interesting and really fun.

The broad range of talks you see are inspiring and its great to hear about what other studios are doing.

Last night a particular highlight for me was the Holition talk. They specialise in augmented retail experiences creating bespoke, tactile and engaging environments. They pride themselves on innovation and something I particularly found interesting was their view on not using digital ‘for the sake of it.’

Another interesting talk was ‘Technology Will Save Us’ their passion for making technology accessible for everyone was really engaging. As a not so ‘techy’ minded person being able to relate to their products says a lot about what they are doing, and to think the idea was born from finding a computer in a bin!

Fantastic talks and free beer – A great night all round!



Image courtesy of Square Mile


Image courtesy of Square Mile

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