With London’s ever-evolving restaurant landscape, it hard from young restaurateurs to succeed. Here we take a look at how to create a hot restaurant group.

How to get started

Ask yourself the following:

What do you want out of your restaurant? Decide what you are passionate about. Whether it’s the food, culture or experience, make sure you’re doing what you love.

What do you want your brand to portray? Recognise a gap in the market and create something unique. Its what the modern day customer expects after all. Make sure you have a clear message, source a great team and most importantly, be different.

What’s hot?

When opening a new restaurant, the food is first and foremost. The food & drink needs to be innovative, however the setting also plays a huge part in the overall experience.

One example is Ceviché, London’s first ever Peruvian restaurant, celebrating authentic Peruvian flavours and ingredients in new and exciting ways. Their signature dish, the Don Ceviché is made up of fresh sea bass ceviché in amarilo chilli tiger’s milk, limo chilli, sweet potato and red onions. Before Ceviché this dish was unheard of, revolutionary even – now it’s their most iconic dish on the menu.

Alongside their innovative menu, Ceviché invests time and money in to sourcing ingredients locally which are also ethically sourced. Ceviché is constantly ahead of the curve, foreseeing an increasing rise of diners wanting to know exactly what they are eating and where it has been sourced.

What does it mean to be independent?

To be independent you have to run your own race. Do what you think is right and don’t be influenced by your neighbours. The key to a successful independent restaurant group is to disturb the industry and shock diners. In this modern crowd funded marketplace, just fitting in is failing.

What we predict customers will expect from a restaurant in 2020?

Something multi-sensory, multi-purpose and multi-experience. Restaurants like The Fat Duck and Tom Sellers ‘Restaurant Story’ are already starting to venture in to this territory, and it won’t be long until it catches on.

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