Last night I visited the LCC Surface Design Degree Show, an impressive show to see and would highly recommend going down
there before it closes on the 27th of June.

Here are a few Designers that caught my eye…

Jennifer Curtis

Jennifer Curtis

‘Jennifer Curtis is a pattern obsessed surface designer producing prints for fabrics and interiors. Jennifer is a strong believer that the smaller things in life provide happiness and that, in an unsteady world, human admiration of design is the most powerful consistent. As a result, Jennifer immerses herself in a world of texture and shape, seeking out pattern and ideas from everyday life and her imagination, with a particularly obsessive focus on food and nature. She initially documents the ‘everyday’ through photography. Jennifer uses paints, inks and printmaking techniques to communicate the way she sees pattern within life, then later goes on to develop designs for printing using both silkscreen and digital processes.’

Jennifer’s stand was modern and eye catching with attention to detail. Her experimental approach to the subject was illustrated in a beautiful sketchbook on display. Jennifer’s prints stood out amongst the crowd and I look forward to the next installmentof this series.

Michelle Ognisanto

Michelle Ognisanto

‘Inspired by the vibrancy, beauty and diversity that makes Borough Market in London, the bright and bubbly place that it is, my work looks at capturing and exploring the colours, textures and details of the natural forms that sit within the stalls. I produce illustrations, predominantly using watercolour combined with other processes. I aim to create traditional paintings and drawings with a modern twist. My attention to fine detail allows me to produce beautiful compositions that can be transferred onto a range of surfaces; from ceramics, to wallpapers and fabrics. The perfectionist in me ensures that my products and designs are timeless and of high quality. The work is constantly evolving and developing, growing in response to my observations of the world around me.’

Michelle’s work was beautiful. Instantly I was drawn to the bright colours and intricate detail of her illustrations. Her ceramics and wallpapers on show were executed to perfection.

Alecandra Pook-Leary

Alexandra Pook-Leary

‘Alex Pook-Leary’s work captures the beauty of the natural world, her graduate collection focuses on the mystery and allure of classified specimens found in natural history museums. Alex’s work emulates the fascination with cases of pinned insects and butterflies. Her illustrations capture the intrinsic detail of pattern found on these creatures’ bodies, which is normally missed behind the glass. Her designs are then screen printed onto fabric and paper used for both home interiors and stationery.’

Alex’s stand had a scientific allure about it. The detail and intricacy of her prints created a sense of lost time and as you began to stare at each illustration, you wanted to see every line. Her sketchbook also created a journey towards the final solution.

Beca Russell

Beca Russell

‘Beca Russell is an unique surface designer, who uses an old, traditional craft, called quilling (the art of paper curling) to create a modern and very distinctive form of 3D surface design. With the use of coloured or hand printed paper she creates eye-catching designs and turns them into print for all surfaces. Throughout her ‘Going round in circles’ project Beca has been creating different scales within her quills, using different paper sizes, building on technique and playing with colour. Beca’s world is full of quills and
she is very passionate about taking the traditional craft in to a new age.’

You couldn’t walk past Beca’s beautifully crafted paper stand without stopping to admire it. It is exciting to see a traditional method of print & production being pushed into a modern solution.

Catherine | Graphic Design



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