The Republic of Ireland has a robust food scene that excels in food to go, convenience and best-in-class food halls. When you cast your eyes over the UK’s food and retail industries, one can gravitate towards London, but look to Ireland and you’ll find a wholly original take on food retail. Here are some of our favourite recent examples, taken just from Dublin.

Spar Millennium Walkway, Dublin City Centre

With a €25m Spar expansion toward digital and 45 new stores planned, the BWG retail group are following the trend to premiumise convenience retail, using more natural and custom materials including woods and metals, rather than simple cards and acrylics. They’re also introducing more dining options to their stores to improve the customer experience and ATV.


Dollard and Co, Dublin

This is an internationally famous food market and deli in the heart of Dublin from the Press Up Group, also featuring a number of dining offers. The building goes back to 1886 and the original architectural features have been maintained and emphasised in the design to encourage customers to think about their foods’ provenance and heritage as they browse and shop the space. With a distinctly local, elegant yet practical aesthetic, the space is functional yet beautiful, filled to the brim with charm and attention to detail which encourages customers to explore.

 Dollard and Co butchery

Centra convenience and neighbourhood, Dublin

The leading convenience retailer in Northern Ireland that prides itself on accessibility and good value for money, as well as food provenance. Centra’s new concept is more upmarket than their existing one, using a wider pallet of colours and materials to improve their fresh and quality credentials, this helped them compete for a more premium professional, one who has more money to spend and a greater interest in healthy living.

Marquette, Terminal 1, Dublin Airport

Promoting its genuine food authority, and aiming to broaden its appeal to a growing customer base of premium professionals who are health and well-being focused, as well as quality-focused families, SuperValu has created a new format at its Blackrock store. The aim is to make food exciting at the new ‘Food Festival’ concept, showcasing produce using advanced merchandising practices and using a range of exciting materials and colours. For an air-side concept, this is best in class, not just from an aesthetic and range perspective, but also from an operations and logistics perspective, demonstrating what’s possible in constricted spaces.

Marqette booth seating

These four Dublin-based concepts are representative of the quality of design and of the planning and principles around food design that is currently happening at scale across Ireland. If you’d like to speak with our team about our experience working in Ireland to create and develop new food retail and dining concepts, get in touch with us today, here.

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