Last month I attended the Global Print & European Signage Expo in buzzy Berlin. Here are some of the products, trends and companies that caught my eye.

  1. Sustainability

Naturally, there was a big trend in companies bringing sustainable and eco-friendly products to market, or at least talking about their ‘green credentials’, for example:

Re-board – a rigid, recyclable paperboard with a fluted core from which you can create anything – from signage to furniture to point of sale. Great for pop-ups and semi-permanent structures.


  1. Magnetic graphics

There were all kinds of magnetic graphic solutions on show, increasingly popular with retailers as they can easily update environmental graphics/ menus – even flooring.
This magnetic paint may make an appearance in the forthcoming Kernel & Roast store:


  1. Modular signage

On a similar note, there were a number of modular signage systems on show – particularly lightboxes – of which it appears you can now achieve almost any thickness / shape / size you desire!

New technologies in print mean you can now print bespoke ‘3D wallpapers’ with greater relief than ever seen before:

 3D Wallpaper

  1. Multi-surface materials

Canon were busily showing off what their printers can achieve – see this very realistic looking tile/mosaic image below…

Canon multi surface printing

…and print directly on to almost any substrate from woods to metals featured strongly.

Some of the big signage companies were in attendance, no prizes for guessing the brand…

H branding


I also attended a talk on ‘Décor Trends’ – printed alternatives to natural materials e.g. wood / stone / concrete etc. are nothing new, but as retailers fight to keep ahead of their competition, advances in print technologies mean bespoke designs in shorter runs are more cost-effective than ever before.

Cue the debate on real vs. fake!

Squid self-adhesive window textiles were also quite beautiful – perhaps more suitable for a fashion retail environment or any hospitality space where you’d like to create a softer, more welcoming atmosphere. Their branding was pretty attention-grabbing, too:

Squid self adhesive window textiles


And just in case you needed reminding that some of the old ways are still some of the best, hand-painted signage for a Ted Baker store came up trumps in their awards. This is a snap from their design development ‘sketchbook’ which was on display…

ted baker hand painted signage


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