This week it’s National Curry Week and we’ve been busy testing some of the tastiest Indian food around the city. Here’s what we recommend.



Chapati Man is at Street Dots on Broadgate Circle this Thursday. He’s a regular on the Street Dots rota and always proves a popular lunchtime option. Expect to see his Masala Chicken on the menu alongside other award-winning wraps!




Chef Asma Khan has taken residency at The Sun and 13 Cantons which will run until March 2016. Khan became famous for her exceptional Mughlai cuisine, serving food based on family recipes stemming from the royal kitchens of India.

Mughlai is lesser known in the UK and her ‘Darjeeling Express’ residency offers an opportunity for diners to enjoy exciting, authentic North Indian cooking like never before.

Intriguing dishes like Prawn Malaikari, Venison Kofte and Masala Peanuts are featured on the menu, all delicious and a fantastic experience.




If you’re looking for a high-end Indian experience, pay Mayfair’s Gymkhana a visit. In 2014 Gymkhana took the top spot at the National Restaurant Awards and won itself a Michelin Star shortly after. Menu highlights include the Wild Boar Vindaloo, the Tandoori Chicken Chop and the Aloo Anardana.


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