Every month we take a look at some of the exciting new restaurants landing in London. This month is no exception and we have an existing selection to add to your growing list!



Think back to the 80’s, to Findus’ crispy pancakes, cans of Quatro and Pot Noodles. Back then the UK’s diet was highly questionable, which is why new Chinese food concept, Chinese Laundry, sounds like a unique experience not to be missed.

Chinese Laundry will take on an all-day family style Chinese restaurant serving food that harkens back to the 80’s in China. The food promises to be mainland dishes, based on experience of the areas where the owners grew up. On the menu you can expect to see:

– Twice cooked crispy lamb
– Beggars chicken
– Dongpo pork belly
– Beijing skewers
– Sichuan ‘saliva’ chicken
– Spiced ciba

There will also be an interesting breakfast menu available with authentic Doufanao (silky tofu curd), crispy and puy Youtiao bread and cups of freshly made soy milk.

The interior has been designed by Michaelis Boyd studio and has taken on a fun and kitsch ‘homely dining room’ aesthetic. They say, “this could become the very first place of experiencing the 80’s Chinese family time and food outside of China”.

We’re very excited!

Sexy Fish_01


With its cheeky title, you’ll be surprised to hear that Sexy Fish is the latest food venture by Restaurant giants, Caprice Holdings.

The new restaurant will have an Asian-inspired menu that, of course, heavily focuses on seafood. Head chef Ben Orpwood has previously worked at Zuma and Daniel San, and recently hosted the ‘Gone Fishing’ pop up in Mayfair. Here are some of the dishes we like the sound of:

– Isle of Man queenie scallops, ponzo and yuzu snow
– Tartare of tuna belly, soy cured egg yolk and lotus chips
– Miso glazed chilean sea Bass, artichoke 3 ways
– Madagascan giant prawns, umami butter and lemon sorrel

The restaurant has been designed by Martin Brudnizki, and like the Ivy before it, will feature work by famous artists. Seating 190 and offering private dining facilities for 48, the space is impressively large. There is even a giant coral reef tank which happens to the largest in the world!



The iconic Parisian restaurant, Taillevent, opens in London this month in Cavendish Square. Les 110 de Taillevent will be a more relaxed incarnation of the two Michelin-starred restaurant, which has been open in Paris since the end of the Second World War.

The menu has been curated by chef, Alain Solivérès and will come paired with a carefully selected wine. Interior Architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, who has been working with the family for 30 years, has drawn sought inspiration from the wine itself, taking the “green from the vine, rich earthy tones and oak-barrelled wine casks.”


The Sethi siblings behind GymKhana and Trishna are opening an exciting new restaurant serving the lesser-known ‘Hopper’.

Hoppers will be one of their smallest, seating around 40 and takes inspiration from the roadside shacks found in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. So what is a hopper? It’s a thin bowl shaped pancakes made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Alongside the hoppers will be Dosas and all dishes will come served with a choice of meat, seafood or vegetable Kari. A selection of Sambols and chutneys made with freshly ground coconut will also be available.

There will be an offer of ‘rice and roast’ dishes including buffalo shank biryani and Tamil spit chicken.

The interior will take inspiration from the traditional shacks, using rustic materials to create an authentic dining experience. This is one for the diary.

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