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The London Design Festival have revealed installation plans for this year with David Adjaye, Alex Chinneck and Mischer’Traxler amongst some of the designers featuring in this years show.

These artists form part of 350 events that will be held across the capital during London Design Festival and will run from 19-27 September.

Alex Chinneck is better known for his past work, ‘Take My Lightning but Don’t Steal My Thunder’ which was located in Covent Garden. This installation was one of magic and mystery, showing a building cut in half and levitating in the air. Now he is back, proposing to design an electrical pylon, rooted to the ground by its pointed top rather than its legs. The piece will almost look like its been shot into the ground and titled ‘ A Bullet from a Shooting Star’.

Another interesting artwork is by Mischer’Traxler and will show tiny replica insects captured inside 250 mouth-blown glass globes and hung from the ceiling of the V&A’s Norfolk House Music Room. The installation will produce sound with the imitation bugs colliding with the glass and making tapping and buzzing noises. The installation will also be controlled by the proximity of the audience.

Many more exciting installations will feature this year, making it a must-see this summer. We’ll see you there.


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