When designing a restaurant/retail branding, there are many components to consider. The location, community, cuisine and of course, the customers all have to be taken into consideration. We’ve gathered 4 inspiring brands from around the world which we feel have created engaging and effective personalities:



Nosh restaurant, Singapore

Located on the leafy slopes of Rochester Park, Singapore, is Nosh – a rustic restaurant specialising in contemporary comfort food that brings a modern perspective to it’s romantic, pastoral setting.

The botanical theme and luscious illustrations of Monstera-type leaves give off an earthy feel accentuated by the use of an elegant serif typography and freshened up with some handwritten touches. The foil stamped cloth cover is a lovely touch, alongside bespoke stamps which act as address markers & contact information.

We love how all design elements work in synergy to create a sense of sincerity and friendship, an old friend inviting you to eat, catch up and engage with your dining experience. It’s modern, sophisticated and inviting – everything you want in a restaurant.



DF/Mexico, London

London’s DF/Mexico is a modern diner that offers a “crash course to food in Mexico City.” In 2014, their bold branding was designed with the intent of disrupting design trends surfacing among nearby competing restaurants.

The visual richness, clear cross-border mash-up and an unrestrained use of graphic assets, both small and confidently oversized, permeate every aspect of the experience and sit well alongside the industrial sensibilities of an interior of exposed utilities, brick walls, white tiles and worn woods.

It’s bold, colourful and enviably trendy – everything it needs to be to survive in Shoreditch’s ever growing trendy community.



Yo! Worldwid

Paul Belford LTD has made a significant change to Yo! Sushi’s branding which originally launched in 1997. In addition to the new logo, Paul Belford Ltd has designed new menu covers, chopstick packaging, signage and noren curtain graphics for restaurants, which is currently being rolled out by YO!’s in-house design team and will start to appear in refits and new restaurants from this month.

Yo!’s new identity places much more emphasis on healthy eating with their new strapline: “Live Fast. Eat Well.” It also has a more upmarket feel: photography guidelines state images should always be “beautifully styled and lit” while Kanji newsprint and two-and-three colour graphic patterns look bold and stylish.

“The Tokyo influence is of course very deliberate. The brand is designed to reflect the frenetic Tokyo lifestyle and also reference the healthy menu of over 100 dishes inspired by Japanese street food and sushi,” says executive creative director Paul Belford.



Paley restaurant, California

Paley is an upscale bar and restaurant who has chosen to pay tribute to the past. With the character “A” shaped to look like a small radio tower, their logo design honours the defunct broadcasting house that used to occupy their building. The connection is subtle, sure to elicit an aha moment, but really shines in the way that it manages to draw together the former use of the space, set a period quality through form and line weight, and delivers a compelling but simple aesthetic treatment.

Paley’s chef Greg Bernhardt, is at the forefront of the California farm to table movement and serves a dynamic menu of seasonal and local ingredients in classic dishes with a modern twist – a nod to the inspiration behind the restaurant itself. Paley’s new branding beautifully works with the restaurant’s interior design and menu, communicating it’s clean and a minimalist approach to food.

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