I’d personally like to see less of the shabby chic and up-cycled interiors. I think the up-cycled trend led to a cluttered interior that didn’t work properly for a functional F&B space.

I’d like to see human interaction being at the forefront of the design. When the layout and fit-out of a space has been carefully planned, it works a lot better for all involved.

When I visited Melbourne in 2014, they’d already started considering this, creating interiors with custom furniture and well thought out plans. I think vintage will always have a place in styling and design, it helps bring a space feel more unique and accessible and adds charm. But if every interior is crammed with second hand furniture you could be sitting anywhere, in any venue and in any city in the world.

Nick Chapman | Interiors


I think interior will turn minimal with warm copper tones. Copper looks brilliant with everything, so I think we’ll be seeing even more popping up around the city. Think copper lighting, piping, furniture and even cooking appliances!

Idris Davies | Interiors

3D printed

I think technology will play a huge part in design this year. 3D printing is becoming readily available and it could creative some cutting edge materials and textures.

Ruth Carpenter | Marketing


I think there will be 3 prominent trends in food this year.

1. Clean Eating will gain even more momentum – raw, natural and healthy food outlets will continue opening & gaining popularity, influence of food bloggers such as Deliciously Ella, Hemsley & Hemsley – Mae deli, Roots & Bulbs, Detox Kitchen. What does this mean for interiors, clean pared back aesthetic? Root to Stem is the new Nose to Tail.

2. Brazilian/Latin-American food – meat & BBQ in particular. Will the Rio Olympics 2016 influence food trends? Caipirinhas, etc. Already established brands such as Peruvian eatery ‘Ceviche’ could make way for other cuisines such as Cuban & Hawaiian influenced food.

3. Kebab renaissance (Posh kebabs) – Le Bab, Carnaby St. is currently creating a buzz. Could street food go gourmet?

Rebecca Walker | Interiors

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