Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the ‘Soundscapes’ exhibition at ‘The National Gallery’, unfortunately it was the last day of the show but here is a brief description taken from the site.

‘Soundscapes’ has commissioned musicians and sound artists to select a painting from the collection and compose a new piece of music or sound art in response. Immersive and site-specific, the experience encourages visitors to ‘hear’ the paintings and ‘see’ the sound.

This truly immersive experience was inspiring and captivating. The relationship between the sound, music and art completely transformed the way in which you viewed the piece. The design and layout of the exhibition harmonised which the concept of the show allowing you to float silently between the darkened rooms of each artist. It’s very difficult to pick a favourite as each approach was both unique and diverse.

Here are the links to each artwork below:

Nico Muhly ‘The Wilton Diptych’
Chris Watson ‘Lake Keitele’
Susan Philipsz ‘The Ambassadors’
Gabriel Yared ‘Bathers’
Cardiff and Miller ‘Saint Jerome in his Study’

Overall it was such an amazing experience, very original and inspiring. Fingers crossed it’s not the last..

Susan Philipsz

Nico Muhly

Jamie xx

Gabriel Yared

Chris Watson

Cardiff and Miller

Catherine | Graphics

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