This years Milan Design Week showcased another innovative installation by Studio Appétit, an established Netherlands-based design practice that explores the relationship between food and consumer.

The studio is ran by Designer and Chef Ido Garini who has an extensive background in the international design world, as well as in kitchens around the world. With Garini at the helm, the studio has a unique food and design professional directory of 20 international practitioners from which it builds teams according to the specific requirements of each project.

The studio is known for creating multifaceted experiential worlds using product design, graphic design, space design, and of course culinary arts. Among the studio’s various products you can find design objects, edible products, eating installations, multi-sensory brand experiences, dining concepts, restaurant art direction, lectures, workshops etc.

Studio Appétit describes their projects as ‘multidisciplinary experience design that considers food and eating’. Ido’s practice involves the participation in an open-ended investigation of culinary culture and the emotions triggered by food. His projects underscore the interplay between the artistic palette and the sensory one, bringing together food, photography, utensils and crafts to create a very specific oral, tactile, and aesthetic experience. One of his most recent undertakings has seen him delve into the decadence of food fetishists, and the ways in which design can satisfy extreme edible desires.

Ido’s concept behind the ‘Luscious food cravings’ collection explores the ‘.. cones in a new way, to create a complete image of the cone with the food on top of it. It really glorifies the food in a way, because it becomes like an ornament that you can put on the wall like an art piece or still life object.’

So why is food so fascinating for Ido? “Eating is one of the only activities we do that stimulates all the senses at once, therefore it is one of most exciting celebrations of our life time. In the fast pace world that we live in, it seems sometimes that we are so far away from our basic needs as human beings. The joy and fulfilment, physical and emotional that we receive from food is irreplaceable.”

Ruth | Marketing

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