Jamie Oliver is one of Britain’s most revolutionary chefs. Recently he’s been focusing on his ‘Food Revolution’, working in the UK, US and Australia to help educate communities in health, nutrition and the importance of fresh ingredients. He has recently collaborated with AKQA to create his Jamie Oliver Skill for the Amazon Echo.


Jamie Oliver Group has recently collaborated with AKQA to create one of the first Amazon Alexa Skills in the UK. Amazon Skills allow you to personalise your Amazon Echo and the Jamie Oliver Skill will provide you with hands-free access to over 160 different culinary delights from Jamie himself.

The Jamie Oliver Skill offers recipes split into eight main categories: vegetarian, pasta, eggs, fish or meat (beef, chicken, lamb and pork). You can start a conversation with Alexa by saying ‘Ask Jamie Oliver for some chicken recipes’ or ‘Tell Jamie Oliver to suggest a recipe for dinner tonight.’ Alexa will then recommend a selection of recipes with a short description for you to choose from.

The Skill works around your preferences – Alexa can advise on the timing and skill level of your chosen recipe through such phrases as ‘Is it easy?’ or ‘How long does it take?’ The Skill will also update regularly with new and seasonal recipes.

Zoe Collins, Creative Director at Jamie Oliver Media Group, said: “Finding new and exciting ways to connect people to the joy of food is at the heart of Jamie’s Food Revolution. The new Jamie Oliver Skill on Amazon Echo makes it easy to find delicious and nutritious recipes to cook and enjoy at home.”

We believe that this innovative technology will provide families with invaluable knowledge regarding nutrition and teach them how to eat well for less.

The Amazon Echo is retailed at £149.99 and the Jamie Oliver Skill will be free to download.
Information provided by AKQA.

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