The Good Egg opened back in October last year and was greeted by lenghty queues and high praise. I have been waiting eagerly to try the new egg-based restaurant in Stoke Newington’s popular Church Street; and rightly so, because it was great!

The restaurant itself is trendy, with its bare-brick white walls, replete with massive jars of pickling lemon rind and rings of onion and beetroot next to cookbooks on vast and mostly empty shelves.

The menu has taken on an interesting Middle Eastern restaurant, packed full of exciting flavours and combinations. I started brunch by swigging on a “Red Hot” – gin, tomato juice and lemon which one intriguing ingredient – pastrami spices. We ordered some starters “For The Table” and were particularly impressed with the cornbread which has been griddled and served with salted honey butter.

I went on to order the Shakshuka; a wonderfully rich and tasty poached egg dish, served with lemon yoghurt, sumac, halloumi, merguez sausage and a giant challah roll. My friend ordered the smoked-meat hash which came presented in a cast-iron dish with fried potatoes, onions, salsa verde and poached egg. Both dishes exceeded our expectations and gave us a true taste of the Middle East. The service is brisk yet friendly and its fantastically jovial atmosphere means I cannot wait to return.

Next on my list – the Breakfast Burrito.

Ruth | Marketing

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