Santa Maria research says 94% of street food consumers will, based on those interviewed, be eating more or the same things over the next 12 months. Ok, so what will it look like? And how will we be eating it? We asked around the studio, and this is what we came up with…

Street food hubs are going sky high

With the likes of Giant Robot and Taste Buchanan popping up in high places, we’re expecting to see more traders taking advantage of unique spaces. Whether it’s taking over the top of a run-down shopping centre or opening a 360° bar which overlooks the London skyline, we’re anticipating some big things happening.

Sugar-comma’s are coming

London is no stranger to unique dessert pop-ups, but we’ve noticed a rise of sweet offerings popping up across street food markets. Whether it’s Chin-Chin Labs crowd-pleasing Nitro Icecream or BubbleWraps crazy waffle cones, London will be serving something utterly naughty and irresistible to all.

Theatrical cooking

Live-fire cooking – One of the oldest techniques of cooking. Whether it’s on charcoal, wood or stone, we feel like this will be a big movement in both street food and restaurants.

We expect to see more BBQs, charcoal grills, and Big Green Eggs, in particular, adding that fifth element to street food.

Street food moves into a new place

According to Santa Maria, street food is 86% more popular than it was two years ago. With that interest brings investors and capital, which allow traders to up their game and invest in a permanent site. We saw a handful of traders, like the Smokestak, Breddos Tacos and The Cheese Truck, go full-on bricks and mortar in 2016, so we’re looking forward to more of our favourite traders moving into permanent digs.

Food Festivals within Music Festivals

Music festivals need to sell beer and lots of it. The more they sell, the more likely they’ll be able to run the event again the following year. And the same rule applies to food vendors, too. In 2016 Standon Calling opened to punters a day early, why? To put on a street food festival. By opening early they got to increase revenue, the traders made more sales and the punters got to kick off their festival with a meat rave.

This year, some of the biggest and brightest street food traders mobilise for another successful year have included a full eating and drinking programme which is set to be just as popular as the music and we recommend other music festivals will be quick to follow suit.

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