Our Bermondsey St. location means we’re regulars at Maltby St. market and there’s one trader there that we go back to time and time again; The Cheese Truck. Founder Mathew Carver tells us how he started his cheesy enterprise.

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So Mathew, why the humble cheese sandwich?

To be honest its not just about the sandwich, its all about the cheese! We’ve got a bit of a love affair with British cheese and are immensely proud of the many different cheeses produced across the UK. Grilled cheese sandwiches came about as a way to showcase these cheeses in an informal and unpretentious way. It’s a classic dish that everyone gets, everyone loves and everyone craves. Its also fairly easy to knock them out of a tiny 40 year old ice cream van…

Tell us about your career as a chef, what made you want to start your own thing up?

I’m fairly upfront about the fact I’m not a chef! I love food and have always enjoyed cooking and sharing food with others, selling food for a living you learn a lot but I’m still far from calling myself a chef. What I lack in culinary skills though I think I make up for in passion, which in food like most industries goes a long way. If your passionate about what you do and you put your heart and soul in it then that’ll get you far!

What do you think makes the ultimate cheese sandwich?

Its all about quantity and quality. You have to get the very best cheeses and be more then generous with them. Simple!

Where do you eat out? Which chefs are doing things that inspire you?

Wow, good question! I spent the vast majority of my life (and money) eating out. Recent highlights include Chick’N’Sours in Dalston – I really love there simple menu and all the food is seriously on point. I’m also the biggest fan of Bill or Beak a great London street food stall which does an amazing vietnamese duck burger! Then there’s Cooking Cooks who make London’s
best pasta in my book!

What three words would you use to describe The Cheese Truck?

Passionate, cheeky and.

What is exciting you about the London food scene at the moment?

I think the most exciting thing about the London food scene is the scene itself. I honestly believe that London is currently the greatest city in the world for food. We have such a diverse range of talented and passionate chefs, food producers and cooks working everywhere from the street to high-end restaurants. 

I also think Londoners themselves have a new found interest and passion in the way there food is produced and the people who make it. It’s really inspiring!

What’s your personal favourite dish on The Cheese Truck menu?

My favourite is our goats cheese, honey and walnut grilled cheese with rosemary butter. Its a simple dish but the flavours
incredibly well!

What’s next for The Cheese Truck?

We’ve got an intimidating amount of festivals this summer (I think around 25). We’ll be everywhere from Glastonbury to Wilderness to Bestival! Then later this year we’re going to be opening our first bricks and mortar “cheese bar” with an extended menu of cheese-based dishes!

Fancy tucking into one of The Cheese Truck’s incredible cheese sandwiches? You can find them at Maltby St. Market & StreetDots.

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