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Needless to say, we at CADA have a ‘particular’ interest in food, so when a talk by some of the most respected names in the industry in our much-loved Borough Market popped up, we knew it mustn’t be missed.

Last night’s Borough Talk topic was How London’s Food Scene Shapes What We Eat , which looked at London’s fast-paced and ever changing food landscape. Speakers Susan Parham (University Lecturer, Author), Jack Bevan (The Ethicurean) and Petra Barran (Founder of KERB), moderated by Xanthe Clay (Food Writer, The Telegraph) spoke about how this translates across the country and what is likely to be the next big foodie craze.

The talk was fantastic, exploring London’s love for food and our demand for a more ‘participatory food experience’.

All four speakers had a very different take on what will be shaping London’s food scene. Jack Bevan thinks that the ‘free from’ market will continue to flourish, whilst another hopes for the ‘death of the concept’ boldly stating food needs to become “less clever / more love”. I particularly liked Susan Parham’ prediction that regional foods will be popular, with Sicilian food used as reference.

At the end of the evening a food and beverage was arranged for us. The oysters seen above, were kindly supplied by Richard Hawood. Don’t miss the next Borough Talk held on the 29th September about The Future of Food – what will we be eating in 50 years time? I for one will be there to find out…

Fun fact from the evening: the average Brit typically spends £4,000 per year eating out and £12.04 on a main course!

Lisa | Associate Creative Director, Graphics

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