CADA Design believes that direct to consumer (DTC) digital native challenger brands are uniquely well positioned to take advantage of the post-pandemic property landscape. You benefit from higher margin, enviable levels of customer engagement and quality customer data.

Unlike legacy retailers, you do not have to work out how to retrofit a store estate to make it ‘wash its face’. Instead, you can focus on creating gathering spaces for your communities. Spaces that deepen existing emotional connections and forge new ones.

Previously online-only brands are taking the opportunity to reward and connect with existing and new customers across the mainstream to luxury spectrum. We are fascinated by the potential impact of instore experience on footfall and overall brand strategy. Some examples:


Opening a Tokyo flagship this year to bring the brand closer to the ‘everyfan’. The space will sell exclusive merchandise and feature recreated sets from Netflix original shows. Above all it will house an installation explaining how the taste group recommendation algorithm works.

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Korean Beauty brand with an experiential flagship, Villa de Murir, in Seoul. This community-driven space, aimed at social-media-savvy millennials and Gen Z has a multi-brand shop, café, make up salon and production studio for social media content.
On Running
The Swiss brand’s first global flagship in NYC reimagines performance analysis. Its technology transcends traditional gait analysis and gives the most accurate shoe measurement possible. Ultimately, it promises to help its ‘community’ to choose the perfect pair of runners.
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How will you use your understanding of your customers’ habits to create a rich experience?

What do you know about your customers’ browsing and purchasing behaviours that will be relevant in a physical environment?

How will you make the customer journey rewarding and surprising?

If your space is going to be more about cost-effective customer acquisition than selling merchandise to take away, is it still a store?

We’ve packed a lot of questions into this one-minute read. To learn more, get in touch to book in a 30-minute chat with Sarah and Dan:

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