Charbonnel et Walker and CADA Design have worked together for almost 20 years. It came as no surprise when CADA Design were asked to create a concept for Charbonnel’s return to Broadgate Circle.

We spoke with our Senior Designer; Nicolas, to learn more about the new design of this Charbonnel branch.

How long have you been working with Charbonnel et Walker?

I’ve worked on and off with the Charbonnel team, firstly with the Selfridges concession we did and now this store at Broadgate Circle. However, CADA Design as a company has been working with Charbonnel for a very long time!

Can you tell us about the concept of this store?

 The design of this store is a different colour palette from the other stores but still resonates with the original heritage.

The existing palette is slightly softened in this store and displays more chocolate colours and creams rather than the monochromatic feel. This added a more luxurious edge to the whole vibe.

The design also complimented a big feature in this store, the gift-wrapping area. It’s so nice to see this extension to the existing brand and just in time for Christmas!

Charbonnel’s chocolate boxes are already so beautiful, but the gift-wrapping area helps the customers have a little something extra for their presents.

What about the materials?

We decided to use high pressure laminate for the unit surfaces with a marble look and bronze metal work features. The surfaces material was chosen for its durability and sustainability measures. This material can be easily fixed in case of any scratches for example, which is ideal for the gift-wrapping area.

charbonnel inside
What are the branding features you ensured were included?

The store is a rectangle shape so that no space was lost, we came up with wedge-shaped shelves to maximise the display of the products.

The presence of the Royal Warrant was a very important feature. Kept front and centre, which is behind glass with a black weave mosaic tile either side of it. Alongside this in the stone wall we put a testimonial from Oscar Wilde on the wall next to it.

charbonnel right
Finally…. what is your favourite Charbonnel truffle flavour?

Oh, I like the classics, but the Sea Salt Caramel is definitely one of my favourites.

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