For many years, hospitality F&B spaces were little more than an afterthought.

We explore the benefits of effective hospitality design and share what we feel are the most pivotal components of a successful design.

For many years, hotel F&B spaces were little more than an afterthought, except for top tier destinations. Yet in the last ten or so years the world of food and beverage – both in and out of the hotels – has changed immeasurably and, today, the eating and drinking concepts we find inside are often more popular than the overall hotels in which they reside.

American Club Hospitality

Boutique Hospitality

Boutique hotels were the catalyst for this shift, particularly as hospitality groups such as Ace Hotel have created a destination restaurant with London’s Hoi Polloi and Edition with Berners Tavern. Many of the world’s top chefs have had stints in hotels with Eneko Atxa’s Eneko at One Aldwych and Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

When designing hospitality spaces, we aim to create a narrative for the external guest and bringing a hotel to life in a way that is engaging and ‘real’. Social media is pivotal to a restaurant’s success, which means that all elements need to be carefully considered. From the menus to the signage, the interiors and the tableware, an atmosphere is created.

With design being a constantly evolving landscape, it can be hard for non F&B specialists to get it right, and the restaurants success relies upon being aware of trends in the industry and a good understanding of the emotional experience that comes
with dining out.

The American Club, Hong Kong

CADA was commissioned to redesign The American Club in 2016, an exclusive member’s club located on the 48th and 49th floor of Hong Kong’s stock exchange. The American Club, Hong Kong has a rich history, providing a gathering place for social, recreational and business activities for members and their families within a distinct, American atmosphere.

One of the biggest challenges CADA faced was creating a modern space that subtly captures the spirit and history of America, whilst attracting a younger membership. We restructured the master planning and considered the customer journey through the club, ensuring there is a fully integrated design throughout the very different spaces.

By ensuring there was a seamless flow throughout the space, you can design with purpose and sensitivity – designing cafes, bars and restaurants that cater for a breadth of different functions. CADA have utilised the spectacular views The American Club has to offer, using large open windows and mirrored ceilings to accentuate the cityscape.

Partnering with the right F&B provider can lead to an increase in profits for the F&B department and can ultimately drive up occupancy levels, yet one of the industries most significant points of debate is the ability of large hotel groups to create
progressive concepts singlehandedly.

But with help of those who have made F&B their sole focus, who look to trends and seek to turn the traditional hotel F&B business model on its head, hotel owners and operators can increasingly get feet through their doors, even if they haven’t booked a room for the night.

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