We’ve been living and working in Hong Kong for years. Now more than ever, the city is overflowing with innovative F&B concepts, and an exceptional food hall experience is never too far away. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below. If you’d like us to add your food hall to the list, leave a comment.


Located on the lower ground floor of Jardine House, BaseHall is HK’s first premium food hall, featuring an eclectic mix of 8 distinct F&B offers. The interiors are sleek, cohesive and contemporary, and the menus are diverse and oftentimes boundary-pushing.

Wor the Food

This food hall is a multisensory explosion. Featuring 8,000-sq.ft. of Japanese, Korean, Thain, Singaporean, Malaysian and Sichuan cuisine, you’re going to find everything that’s good about Asian food under one brightly coloured roof. Get your cameras at the ready, as Wor the Foods is a visual feast with a multicolour, pastel-led palate.


This is a unique destination in Hong Kong because it’s the first food hall to feature in the inside of a hotel. Given its unique proposition, it’s well worth a visit, and if you overeat and get sleepy, you can always book a room and have a nap!

With an interior inspired by the area’s industrial past (dark woods and brushed metals abound), the various food outlets here will take you all around the world, with freshly prepared salads and Korean rice bowls, as well as rich indian curries and cha chaan teng café staples.

Eaton HK’s Foodhall

Blending dining and creativity, Eaton HK’s Foodhall is a destination for amazing local – as well as international – cuisine. Featuring a breadth of cultural programming which includes a local community radio station and more, the Foodhall fosters a sense of community.  

The Foodhall is inspired, in part, by founder, Katherine Lo’s fond childhood memories in Hong Kong–from the Jordan noodle shop she recalls visiting with her mother, to family outings with her father at local nostalgic diners, and Wong Kar Wai’s 1990s films.

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