CADA Design was commissioned by South Korean-based, global brand Lotte to completely redesign, refurbish and produce an exciting food hall concept for their famous Lotte Department Store in Jamsil. The space needed to combine a mix of food, retail and multiple dining opportunities. It needed to innovate.

The project is now complete and you can see the results here. Innovation was front of mind throughout the project and Lotte have reported an initial 40 percent increase in sales year-on-year.

Below are three of the project’s key innovations.


  1. Zoning

Problem: The original floorplan was less considered in terms of zoning. Therefore, a primary challenge for this project was that it needed to split the space into three clear areas—each with their own defined aesthetics and character. This needed to be reflected in both the layout, signage and branding.

Solution: We defined the space with three zones:

  • Authentic: Korean food
  • Exotic: Other Asian foods
  • Heritage: Western foods


New floor plan at Lotte food hall

The three zones had their own environmental design, using lighting, colour, material and more to define them. We also used a much cleaner, explanatory wayfinding and signage system than was previously installed.

In doing this, we produced unique “food worlds” for people to journey between.


  1. Experience

Problem: A requirement of the brief was to combine food, retail and multiple dining opportunities in one single space, creating adventures for customers to delight in and experience dynamically.

Solution: Our solution was to produce a “tasty theatre” concept using the tools of architecture, way finding, branding and user journey. The team combined architectural and design elements to shape the user journey. For example, columns that punctuated the space were moved from their central points to a more distributed layout in the Authentic zone to produce curved pathways through the displays. This provides a more natural navigation, giving better access to the theater of experience.

way finding at Lotte food hall

Way finding and branding materials designed by our graphic design team were able to point people to new and exciting experiences in a more systematic manner, while our interiors team brought food, retail and dining together in creative ways around new displays. The new food zones combined eating, shopping and learning elements that create imagination-firing experiences for customers, moving away from linear shopping.

counter at Lotte food hall

The team produced a more experiential space, reversing the outdated, ill-suited grid-based design that was one of the primary project challenges. We also extended the average dwell time in the store, increasing purchasing while expanding customer expectations.


  1. Consistency

Problem: Lotte is one South Korea’s oldest, most famous brands. It was vital that its integrity remained intact throughout the concept’s transformation. Meanwhile, there was a desire to evolve and modernise the brand, introducing contemporary elements to enhance it visually while not diminishing overall recognising.

Solution: By combining the familiar, contemporary and unique at the store, we enhanced the existing Lotte branding, maintaining the connection with the original Lotte brand simplicity, while enhancing it with a more premium feel.

Juice at Lotte food hall

The brand identity was then channeled into each of the three zones, ensuring true consistency of brand values while giving each zone its unique character.

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