With the launch of CADA Asia this year, we wanted to spend some time focusing on one of the projects that made it happen: The American Club in Hong Kong. The Club is one of Asia’s premier members’ clubs, and one of the projects that put CADA on the map. 

Oliver Corrin, Director of CADA Asia, was project manager throughout the design and build phase. We asked him what his key points to take away are.

Guiding through collaboration

Like most members’ clubs around the world, the American Club is run by a committee of members. This made the initial brief phase important because collecting the relevant opinions from the members would lead to a well-received final concept design. Once the final concept was signed off, it would be easy to move forward with a strong consensus.

You can create character from nothing 

One of the things that makes the American Club special is its character – with each room distinctly representing a different era of American style. To make authentic experiences in what was essentially a brand new space, we took advantage of different materials and textures, and original pieces, such as the 100-pus year-old Billies Bar which Was found in a salvage yard in America, restored and shipped around the world. You can see the bar in its original location of Billie’s Bar, 56th Street and First Avenue, Manhattan, New York, here

Commissioning artwork

The grand Clipper dining room features a significant original artwork, which CADA commissioned by a local artist, which depicts the Hong Kong bay. It’s massive, and helps give the room an air of prestige, but also authenticity and honesty. We discovered that commissioning artwork is a good way liven a space up, and create a more designed, soft space.

The food is important, but it’s not enough

One of the things that sets CADA apart is our food-first approach to design. We have worked on leading food retail and brand concepts across the globe for over 25 years. Food is an essential element of the Club, and every dining and bar experience has to be just right, both operationally and aesthetically. But designing a world-leading members’ club is, more than anything, about experience. From the moment a member walks through the door to the moment they leave, everything is tailored to them. 

Room with a view

The American Club is on the 48th and 49th floor above the Hong Kong stock exchange and overlooks all of Hong Kong. The view is breathtaking, and we took full advantage of that, allowing for an exquisite panoramic view of the city. 

American Club Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fine dining destination 

Researching Hong Kong culture for the project led us to recognise Hong Kong as a global fine dining destination. Restaurants like 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, The Chairman and Louise help give HK its distinct foodie reputation, and the Club is no different. We knew we needed to offer incredible dining destinations, so that’s what we did. 

Offering unmatched hospitality 

The Club is Hong Kong’s premier members’ club run by members. This reputation is hard-earned and fought for. Central to this is the personalisation and hospitality offered to each guest. The Club’s hosts know your name, know what your favourite chair is, and they know what drink to order you. It’s about creating an uncompromised universe of hospitality around the guest. 

Focused on your lifestyle

Members see The Club as a lifestyle destination. With around 30,000 sq. ft. of space, The Club provides facilities to suit members’ every requirement. From the gym to the lounge to the bar, all needs are catered for. If members feel they should question their choice for membership, we probably did our jobs wrong. 

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