In the words of the beast itself, Meatopia is a call to arms for all you judicious lovers of meat, a clarion toot to the perfectionists amongst you who demand the best in taste and provenance.”

…And their mantra: EAT MEAT SLEEP REPEAT

Founded in the US, Meatopia is a celebration of high quality, ethically sourced meat with 20 of the worlds leading top chefs serving incredible, meat laden signature dishes. Now running for its 3rd year in the UK, we couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss is about.

Arriving early Saturday afternoon, we were hit by the sound of blues, people’s laughter and a fog of smoke. Craftopia was there offering beer tasting and we even got to meet Melissa Cole, the curator of the company and author of ‘Let Me Tell You About Beer’. The vibe was fantastic, and the food even better. Food highlights included Picanha with Lardo di Colonnata Dip by Andre Lima De Luca, and SmokeStaks smoked beef brisket burgers.

Sunday offered the same high quality food, with another just as impressive chef line up. Highlights of the day was the Jerk Chicken, Coco bread and Pickled Pineapple by White Men Can’t Jerk, the Steak with Hollandaise Sauce by The Quality Chop House, the BBQ Chicken Shawarma by Berber and Q and entertainment by the New York Brass Band.

Our weekend at Meatopia was packed full of great entertainment, fantastic food and theatre and we cannot wait for next year!

Ruth | Marketing
Catherine | Project co-ordinato

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