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Meet Dan…

Who are you and what is your job title?

Dan Higgott and I am Head of New Business Development & Client Services.

What does your job entail?

Meeting clients, getting to know them, taking briefs and overseeing projects as they develop in the studio. Building relationships and demonstrating our expertise and value is at the core of what I do.

How long have you worked for CADA Design in total?

Six years

What is the most memorable project you have worked on?

Aldi and New Yaohan. We have worked daily with Aldi in the UK for over five years and have developed a great working relationship and understanding. New Yaohan is a department store brand in Macau. 

We have been working with them over the last two years to develop their second site. It will open in phases over the next six months. One of the frustrations of Covid has been the lack of ability to travel to meet our Asian clients. Fortunately we have a great team in our Hong Kong office who are taking good care of things.

There is a new project in the studio right now, which I can’t talk about, for a fantastic apparel brand with great heritage which will launch in 2022. I’m very excited about seeing our initial concept ideas develop into the first sites.

Why was this project so memorable?

Transforming Aldi in the UK over the last five years is something I’m very proud of!

Can you describe any wacky requests?

A retractable glazed roof and facade for Meraki, a fantastic Greek restaurant in Riyadh, KSA. We worked with the architects and glazing engineers to make it happen, and now diners can take advantage of terrace dining (in the coolest months of course!)

Do you have an unusual hobby?

Not that unusual, but I’ve been collecting records for most of my life. I have around 3,000 I think. Mostly jazz, soul, hip hop. I still DJ occasionally. Music is a constant source of joy for me.

Can you describe either your dream holiday - or dream meal?

Well I’m going away tomorrow with my family to West Cork and County Clare in Ireland, to see family and old friends. After the last 18 months, spending time in the beautiful Irish landscape with good people is all I want.

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