Welcome to Meet CADA. Every month we’ll be meeting a member of the CADA Design team to understand how and what they do! Last month we met Sarah.

This month…Meet Vlad!

Who are you and what is your job title?

My name is Vlad Cretu and I’m an Interior Designer

What does your job entail?

I develop design concepts for our projects, pick materials and produce technical drawings. However, my most common task is to produce visuals for our designs and help convey our design intentions to our clients

How long have you worked for CADA Design?

7 years

What is the most memorable project you have worked on?

My most memorable project has to be with a global patisserie and coffee specialist who expanded into different concepts.

Meet Vlad
Why was it so memorable?

This project has been memorable because it’s allowed me to be the main designer and develop the concept from the beginning all the way to creating the detail pack for this, as well as well as some very fun visuals.

What is the most unique sketch you have done?

Definitely one that I got to do for a bakery cafe a few years ago. The perspectives we had to give were not what anyone usually asks for and therefore had to change the way we use our skills.

Do you have an unusual hobby?

I wouldn’t say it’s unusual, but I’m very particular about my sourdough bread, so I started making/baking my own from scratch.

Can you describe your dream holiday?

My dream holiday has got to be going for a long hiking trip through the hills of Scotland, with just my backpack on my back, travelling from bothy to bothy

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