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The Building Design centre, Islington

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Ryan Pygott – Chair Design

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Designer unknown

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Designer unknown

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Designer unknown

Celebrating its 30th edition, New Designers showcased over 3,000 of the best design talents emerging from the UK’s leading art and design courses.

We attended New Designers: Part 2 which specialises in furniture, product design, illustration and motion design. On display was an array of designs presented to an impressively high standard. The works held the kind of professionalism one would not expect to see in a student show.

However, their high quality cannot mask the fact that most of the works looked much the same. Could this be due to university criteria? Or are our young designers scared of pushing the boundaries and producing something original?

There are opportunities to commission, recruit and buy directly from the future of British design, alongside a series of talks and a ‘One year on’ stand for past winners. For years, New Designers have inspired and motivated young artists, but we left hoping that next year we see something a little more original.



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