Japan Centre Food Hall

CADA Design have designed the new flagship store for London’s favourite Japanese food hall – Japan Centre.

Just a short walk from Leicester Square, customers are welcomed by a contemporary ground floor entrance branded with an updated Japan Centre logo. The creation of a clean and modern marque creates a strong visual connection with the interior identity of the newly designed venue.

Japan Centre

In Japan, Food Halls or ‘Depachika’ traditionally occupy basement spaces. The new 750 sqm Food Hall follows this model. The term ‘depa’ is slang for department store, and ‘chika’ refers to ‘basement’.

CADA used the operational principles of Depachika to integrate unique design features. Combining the industrial nature of the existing building with traditional Japanese simplicity and thoughtful approach to design. The tranquil beauty of traditional Japanese architecture is subtly captured through the use of indirect lighting from the pavement surrounding the space. The use of natural light also complements the warm tones of the timber dressing in the open space.

Japan Centre

Customers can experience a wide range of Japanese cuisine within the 100-cover dining hall. Additionally, three specialist departments offer a unique customer experience, with dedicated Tea, Sake and Miso areas.

These departments are distinct from the main food hall with contrasting timber tones to give them their own identity. Vibrant packaging and food displays are emphasised by being positioned against the neutral counters, with product as the main focus. These individual elements combine both contemporary lines and Japanese traditions to create a cohesive space that communicates the simplicity and beauty of the Japanese aesthetic influences throughout the new Food Hall.

Japan Centre

Images courtesy of: Japan Centre ©StevenJoyce

Japan Centre, Panton St, London SW1Y 4EA

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