On Wednesday a group of us went to the Fagerhult offices here in London where a presentation was held by Henrik Clausen, the Head of the Fagerhult Light Academy.

Henrik took us on a journey through our history and relationship with natural and artificial light, with the intention of indicating the importance of natural light on the human psyche.

He began by indicating the dependence of our earliest ancestors on the day-night cycle, and how changes in the colour of the skies triggered hormonal responses from their bodies, that helped shape our diurnal existence today.

The next advancement had been the discovery of fire, when we would no longer be limited to thriving during daylight. As Clausen illustrated this marked the increase in human evolution, socially and technologically.

As the presentation neared its end we’d arrived at our present use of artificial lighting systems and the positive and negative influences they have on us physically and psychologically.

The talk was both informative and engaging and Henrik’s grasp on the subject is astounding. His ability to involve the spectators made this a presentation I would highly recommend!

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