CADA are huge supporters of daily Street food market StreetDots. They currently  reside in Broadgate Circle and Covent Garden and they’ve recently secured a deal with TFL.

Here are our 5 favourite traders you can find at a StreetDots near you.



The Roadery is brought to you by Dan Shearman. This talented young chef has a passion for British meats and wild ingredients. His two staple dishes are four-hour braised ox cheek sourdough sandwich; or pig’s head croquettes in panko breadcrumbs with fennel ketchup. The Roadery is definitely worth a try and we highly recommend anything from his menu.



Subcult has proven a hit with customers all around the nation. Specialising in gourmet sub sandwiches, Sub Cult is founded by youth TV presenter Ben Chancellor and his chef partner Gareth Phillips. We recommend the Dub-Sub (slow roasted pork + BBQ jerk + crispy crackling + pickled pink onion or the rodeo (roast beef + Provolone cheese + pickled Serrano chilli + shallot marmalade). They are pretty frequent vendors at StreetDots but keep an eye out on their Twitter for their where abouts.




Made of Dough Founders Henry and Ed have been friends since school. Both born in Italy, they have a passion for making authentic Napoletena pizza’s. Their ingredients are sourced from Campania and Anadalusia, their flour milled in Naples and their chorizo and piquillo peppers imported from Brindisa. All of these small details makes this the finest Pizza Napoletana this side of the Amalfi Coast.




This is a bacon butty like no other. Le Swine founder James came up with this Street food venture when he spent a year researching different cuts of bacon under Chef Bruno Loubets wing. Loubet later backed the street food cart and here Le Swine is today. Each delicious component is homemade, from their very own recipe of the toasted milk & onion bap, to the bacon butter, Swinez tomato sauce and mushroom ketchup and don’t forget to add a fried duck egg.

Alongside the bacon butty they serve the Swine Burger. A take on another national institution – gammon, egg and pineapple. James’ Nans old favourite done the Le Swine way with a juicy gammon patty, the runniest of duck eggs and their Swineapple chutney!


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