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My Easter bank holiday began with the latest Typographic Circle talk hosted by Craig Oldham, a refreshing and honest talk about his career and the design industry.

His work tends to communicate it’s content beautifully and a personal favourite of mine is ‘The hand written letter project’ a nostalgic and charming book collating the hand written responses from design studios. The contrast between the projects sad undertone, relating to the death of hand written mail, and the creative responses form the design industry makes this book an intriguing and alluring read.

Although his work was not a main feature in his talk, he did mention an upcoming project which I am excited to get my hands on. Design week says ‘Craig Oldham has designed a poignant book, which remembers the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike and provides a record of the visual communications and graphics associated with the miners’ movement.’

Learn more about the book on DesignWeek.

Oldham says: “The distinct geometric forms of the original face embody the industrial nature and urgency of the dispute with an individual character and flair.

Their harsh nature is tempered with such quirks as the crossbar in the ‘H’ and the ‘K’s’ kinks, but also serves their intended use of being bold and direct in the sea of visual noise that is a mass demonstration.”

Catherine | Graphics team


Image courtesy of handwrittenletterproject.com


Image courtesy of handwrittenletterproject.com


Image courtesy of handwrittenletterproject.com


Image courtesy of handwrittenletterproject.com

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