Over recent months, we’ve couldn’t help but notice Brighton’s bustling restaurant scene. This popular seaside town has some exciting restaurants cropping up around the city, and here’s some of our favourites:

Brighton restaurants; The Set 03

Brighton restaurants; The Set 02

Brighton restaurants; The Set 01

The Set

The Set originated from a series of pop-ups and is now Brighton’s much-loved set-menu restaurant. The interior is simple, featuring an open kitchen and just enough room for 20 covers, creating a cosy and intimate feel. The menu is playfully inventive, offering a choice of three set menu’s that are all seasonal and equally delicious.

The young chef-owners Semone Bonner and Dan Kenny, who have worked at Brighton’s well-respected Ginger group of restaurants, take a experimental approach to flavour combinations. Think Hake with cornflake chicken wings, peas and chicory, Purple brocolli with marmite, quails eggs and toast and BBQ beef with smoked swede, crispy tongue and onion rings.

If the set menu doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, you can visit their Set Café. There, you can enjoy classics with a twist, like pig cheek Bolognese or crab mac and cheese.

Brighton restaurants; FLANK 02\

Brighton restaurants; FLANK 01

Brighton restaurants; FLANK 03


FLANK is a sustainable, nose-to-tail, root-to-leaf food concept with a heightened consciousness of food waste. Head chef and owner Tom Griffiths envisioned a restaurant similar to the likes of St. John, with a simplicity that spoke volumes about his talents. Flanks menu changes with the seasons, fermenting and pickling any left-over ingredients.

On the menu you will find Kentucky fried mallard with celeriac puree, grapefruit and oats, Meat suet pie with traditional liquor and fried Ox tongue with braised ox cheek and roasted beets. These bright newcomers came 18th in Brighton’s Top 20 Restaurants this year, but we guarantee they’ll creep up the scoreboard in 2017.

Brighton restaurants; Silo 01

Brighton restaurants; Silo 02

Brighton restaurants; Silo 04


Silo is an innovative food concept with a ‘respect for the environment, respect for the way food is generated and respect for the nourishment given to our bodies.’ The brains behind Silo is Douglas McMaster, who believes in food purity and natural farming systems. Dinner offers you a choice of 2 menus, ‘The Herbivore’ or ‘The Omnivore’, both serving seasonal dishes with unique combinations. Think pheasant leg with fermented cabbage coleslaw and candied beetroot with pickleddulse and apple.

For just £35, we think it’s a steal. Can we have a London-based restaurant please?

Brighton restaurants; 64 Degrees 01

Brighton restaurants; 64 Degrees 02

Brighton restaurants; 64 Degrees 03

64 Degrees

64 Degrees is all about “social dining”, where the kitchen is the seating area and the chefs are your waiters. You watch the chefs slice and sauté whilst they watch you enjoy it. The food is broadly British with Scottish and German influences, and comes in a series of small plates.

On the menu expect to find simple but perfectly executed dishes such as; scallops, kale and lemongrass, pigeon breast, risotto and shallot and venison haunch, peanut and chickpea. 64 degrees is currently ranked #1 in Brighton’s Top 20 Restaurants and #24 in the UK National Restaurant Awards 2015.

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