Summer is coming (hopefully) and we’re looking for new restaurants and cafe’s where we can eat out and stay lean. Here are some of London’s latest healthy eateries:

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Wellness Restaurants_ Ahi Poke 01

Ahi Poke

London’s has gone crazy for Poké – a Hawaiian inspired sushi bowl full of high-grade raw fish, vibrant sauces, punchy pickles and crunch. Poké is transforming London’s street food scene, offering a lean, low-carb option which is packed full of the fresh flavours of the Pacific.

Ahi Poké is the latest Poké bars to open in London and offers a bespoke ‘Build your own’ offer alongside 4 signature bowls. You can choose from a range of bases, fish and veggies, sauce and toppings for the ultimate Hawaiian experience.

Ahi Poké can be found at 3 Percy St, London W1T and is open between 11:30 – 20:00

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SHOT is founded by Asad Naqvi and Rahil Malik who used to be on their own search for something more from the healthy food market. They teamed up with nutritionist Alice Mackintosh and the SHOT concept was born.

SHOT offers a range of salads, sandwiches and wraps, hot food and smoothies which prove that “Healthy eating does not have to be dull, confusing or tasteless.” Well we can confirm that their beef and sweet potato chilli certainly hits the spot! SHOT is the perfect go-to for a healthy lunch option.

Find them at 23-23a Bride Lane, London EC4Y 8DT

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A raw fast-casual restaurant has opened in Fitzrovia, selling completely gluten and diary free, paleo friendly, vegetarian foods. Rawligion has been created by ex-professional poker player John Tabatabai who enlisted raw food guru Kate Magic as consultant chef at the Tottenham Street venture.

On the menu you will find the likes of gRAWnola, Asian slaws, raw cauliflower sushi with seaweed caviar and chocolate tortes! This place makes being gluten-free even easier!

Find it at 3 Tottenham St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2AF.

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CADA have recently finished designing Farmacy – a new one-of-a-kind plant based restaurant, on a mission to provide a nourishing and delicious dining experience that proves healthy eating can be fun.

Camilla Fayed is behind the veggan/vegetarian venture, with the menu has been carefully curated by chef Joao Ricardo and Chris Gillard. They have developed innovative substitutes to dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals, coupled with raw food recipes and combinations. The food and drink menus have been balanced nutritionally with a keen eye on taste, presentation and unique flavours. The menu includes Spelt Pizza, Earth bowls and their ‘Nice Cream’ Brownie Sundae.

If you’re looking for something different to do at the weekend, Farmacy offer a twice monthly Pure MOTR class from FORM – an original and exclusive workout concept that takes reformer pilates to the next level in a dynamic 50-minute workout. Tickets are £30 and include a delicious brunch afterwards.

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