Europe’s Largest Japanese Food Hall Is Now Open

We recently celebrated the opening of Ichiba, the newest member of the Japan Centre family. We are extremely pleased to announce that this flagship project is now open at Westfield London’s newly opened Shepherd’s Bush extension.

island counter

What is Ichiba?

Ichiba is reported to be the largest Japanese food hall in Europe at 17,400-sq.ft. with dining space for 200. It is an evolution of the traditional food hall experience, with a dynamic blend of hot produce prepared daily. Ideal for people who love Japanese food and culture, alongside those searching for Instagram-friendly moments.

In terms of food, the playful and robust noodle bar offers a wide selection of traditional tonkotsu ramen, udon and yakisoba. While there are also plenty of delicious street food options like takoyaki octopus balls, hirata, gyoza… the list is endless!

butchery and fish counter

For connoisseurs of fresh fish, Ichiba’s sushi and sashimi counter is a must, providing shoppers with each dish carefully prepared by a sushi master right in front of the customer.

Moreover, those with a sweet tooth, head to the bakery for melon or dorayaki pancakes, matcha brownies, rainbow lattes and more.

Ichiba Sweet

Ichiba is also the perfect place to stock up on your Japanese staples like rice wine vinegar, as well as a few treats, like matcha KitKats.

Furthermore, fans of Japanese Sake or small batch whiskeys will also be in their element.

grocery section
Ichiba sake

Ichiba design concept

Ichiba is more than good Japanese food and good products. Designed by CADA, the Ichiba features “theatrical kitchens” where shoppers can watch cooking demonstrations and workshops. Ichiba’s calendar of events is set to include Sake tastings, regional food and drink festivals and more.

Aesthetically, the Ichiba design is bold, contemporary, yet timeless, reflecting Japan through subtle environmental elements like chopstick-style lighting. Situated on the ground floor of Westfield, Ichiba receives plenty of natural light and the gentle colour pallet and materials therefore help to maximise its impact. CADA also made sure that there are clear sight lines. Enabling shoppers to navigate and find their next food adventure.

Ichiba is the newest member of the Japan Centre family, and is now open to the public. How do you think it stacks up? Let us know in the comments below.

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