Amazing new store concept for Recheio in their 50th year!


Interior Design

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Portugal’s largest cash and carry Recheio has 39 of stores in the country. The Recheio team worked with CADA Design to create their latest concept in the Cascais region. The existing store was taken down to the ground and rebuilt with a more considered look and feel and with a customer journey akin to the wholesale environment. 

Recheio Fruits

The Local View

Overall, one key objective was to ensure that produce that is local to Cascais has strong visibility. Fish and live crustacea in tanks take pride of place, appealing to owners and operators of the retail and hospitality businesses in the area that make up the majority of Recheio’s customers. 

Fish and Crustacea

CADA’s design creates a sense of continuity as customers move through the space. Ceiling rafts and features help to bring different sections of the store together, rather than compartmentalising them. A striking example of this approach is the bespoke suspending ceiling feature in the frozen foods area that effectively demarcates this important area of the store on balance with the rest of the store.

Recheio and the Fresh Choices

The butcher and fresh fishmongers have been designed to accommodate a cut-to-measure service throughout the day, therefore suiting the needs of the core customer. A dedicated charcuterie area is adjacent to this, celebrating Portugal’s heritage as a producer of smoked, cured and preserved meats. These areas are perfectly balanced against fresh produce offering, displaying fruits, vegetables, fresh and pre-prepared items that are made throughout the day.

Meat Recheio
Recheio Charcuterie

The drinks offer includes a comprehensive beer, wines and spirits section. Additionally, wine bottles form a wall feature with warm lighting creating an ambient effect for the space. The wide selection, available to buy in bulk, is geared towards the Recheio customer, typically restaurant operators and retailers. 

wine recheio
show kitchen recheio

A noteworthy point in this store is the Show Kitchen. This area is used to demonstrate innovative solutions, culinary insight, and plating suggestions, with all ingredients available to purchase or order. Moreover, the kitchen has windows on one side and is open on the other, with tiered seating for optimal viewing.

The signage was created exclusively for this Recheio store concept. At the same time incorporating natural materials that were sourced locally where possible.

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