We created a new brand and interior design to showcase Romulo’s status as a destination restaurant and boost passing trade


Branding & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Concept Creation

With some of the best local food this side of Manila, Romulo Café is the destination for fine Filipino food in London. Our team created a new brand and interior identity for Romulo to reflect the quality of its offer and its outstanding cuisine.
With less than two months from concept design to reopening to customers, the short timeframe was the main challenge. We needed to move the bar to improve sightlines into the restaurant in order to appeal to passing trade both on foot and in vehicles. The main restaurant space to the rear and the café at the front needed to be combined into a single space rather than two separate areas. We achieved this through consistent colour and material choices and boosted the total number of covers by converting the existing basement into an extended dining room.
Our refreshed, contemporary brand and interior identity for Romulo Café draws on the authentic palette of the brand’s Manila origins, catching the eye of passing traffic. We achieved this through the use of a high contrast lime green and charcoal grey colour pallet. The Romulo team has enjoyed enhanced brand perception, and an increase in social media mentions and most importantly, physical restaurant traffic.
Romulo Cafe Branding
Romulo Cafe

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