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Hammond’s of Hull and CADA Design have joined forces to transform the former department store into an artisan food hall. The HoH Foodhall location in the heart of the city centre acts as a magnet for this stimulating new gathering place for local residents and visitors.

HoH Foodhall Wine

HoH Foodhall is a blend of food retail and hospitality. The space offers a plethora of exciting culinary and grocery experiences. Availability is everything from tea and coffee to truffles, cold cuts and a burger bar.

HoH Foodhall Retail

A particular highlight is the inviting charcuterie, cheese and wine bar. Customers have the option of purchasing items to take away or perch at the bar to enjoy cheese and wine pairings that draw on the foodhall’s wide selection.

HoH Foodhall Tin

A key feature of the entire space is the balance between convenience and artisanal. Whether it be the food and drink offering or the music and events programme, the space transitions from morning to evening seamlessly.

Hoh Inside front

CADA’s design scheme respects and celebrates the building’s history and architectural qualities. Our work seeks to both preserve this important landmark while bringing a fresh, relevant proposition to the city of Hull. Visit HoH Foodhall for that specialist experience! 

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