At CADA we pride ourselves on creating engaging retail platforms – food halls, supermarkets, restaurants, cafe’s and even street food carts. With clients such as Dean and Deluca, Fenwick Food Hall, COOP Denmark and Shinsegae, we have extensive knowledge of the retail industry, but there’s one pop-up store that has caught our attention and is influencing the future of retail design.

COOP, Italia | Pop up for Milan Expo 2015




Coop Italia collaborated with the Massachussett’s Institute of Technology’s Carlo Ratti to create their vision for the Supermarket of the Future on behalf of the Expo Milano 2015.

They built a fully functioning supermarket in the Future Food Pavilion, with fresh produce and deli produce neatly displayed; so far so predictable. However, when you look up things start to get interesting.

Digital screen mirrors offer interactive, educational displays with detailed information about every product on display, made possible using Xbox Kinect technology. Customers simply point to learn more about particular foods, their nutritional information, and how and where they were grown and harvested. After all, every product has a story.

An on-site robot sorts and packs products as orders flow in, allowing the supermarket to reduce waste by keeping on-display items to a minimum. This call to sustainability is also taken up by digital signage in the refrigerated sections which encourages customers to inspect a product’s nutritional information before opening the fridge, minimising energy loss.

This temporary space is actually a great piece of retail design, with striking use of double height graphics, sleek fixturing, and theatrical lighting. Other nice touches include a library, vertical farm and cardboard box trolleys on wheels which can be folded and packed for international shipping via DHL.

With tech a central component, there’s plenty of opportunity for the supermarket to crunch data around purchasing preferences and habits – ensuring that the right products are stocked on the right days for the right customers.

This, combined with a personalised branded app that leads you around the store and keeps on top of your shopping lists, means you’ll never have to worry about the store running out of your favourite brand of milk.


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