This week I was invited to the Blind Pig in Soho. Whilst making your way to the bar, you will need to do the following:

1. Get to Poland Street in Soho, check.
2. Look for the door with the knocker that looks like a blindfolded pig (below the old opticians sign), check!
“Seems a bit weird, are you sure?”

Once you find the spookily lit door (that you’ve never noticed before even though you’ve walked that road a hundred times), enter, walk up the stairs, pass the neon light and walk through a heavy curtain, you are greeted by surprisingly luxurious surroundings. Happily, this is where the pig theme ends.

The part-time members’ bar is extremely well presented. The rich wood and lashings of leather give you an instant sense of luxury while the slightly eerie decorations (including the portrait pictured below) give the place a bit of friendly peculiarity. 

The feeling of something being askew continues through the drinks menu (heavy paper stock, foil blocked logo of course). I wasn’t sure about ordering the drink which includes ‘facial hair’, so I went for the Long Islay Iced Tea. Even this was served in a Coke can with a slice of lemon, some shrubbery and a dusting of icing sugar.

Overall a good experience, definite date location and a place that you know will always supply a good cocktail… with hair in it if you’re that way inclined. Just look for the blindfolded pig.

Oli | Graphic Design





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